A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for #GMS2Jam. Play by yourself or with someone else in local multiplayer. Source included under MIT but with no commercial use allowed. I didn't have time to include a proper tutorial, so please read the following or the included README.txt :)


1. Player 1 (bird) uses WASD or arrow keys to move around

2. Player 2 (turret) uses mouse and the left mouse button to aim and fire

3. Shooting an enemy drops ammo, player 1 must walk up to it to pick it up

and walk near the turret to drop it off

4. Ammo is limited, use it wisely

5. The game is over when player 1 is hit by any enemy just once, get the highest score!

Install instructions

Unzip "Me and my Turret.zip" and play!

Or... open the .yyz file in GameMaker Studio 2 via File -> Import Project


Me and my Turret.zip 5 MB
Source.yyz 10 MB

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